Pulse Racing River Rafting Experience In Rishikesh, Ganges

The Rishikesh River Rafting offers you a unique view of the gurgling Ganges, its tributaries and their endlessly exciting moments for rafters. This makes the raft trip certainly unforgettable, pleasant and inspires the rafters in endless moments of enthusiasm.

Get wet and have a thrilling experience by taking part in an amazing rafting trip on the Ganga River. This is one of the best weekends for a gateway to the region and it is the only place in India that offers white water rafts all year round. Rafting on this river, nestled in the foothills of Himalayas, is an extremely fun experience.

Over the years, Rishikesh has attracted many tourists to the river landscape – rafting every year to weather the summer heat and practice adventure sports.

Rishikesh, popularly known as the yoga capital of the world, also attracts youngsters and adventurous people who try to get adrenaline pumping by rafting in the cool waters of the Ganges (Ganga). This is why first-time joiners and children can also participate in the fun and exciting experience of rafting in this beautiful city of India. From class V to class B, the raft in Rishikesh will surely enchant you with its unique charm and thrill.

As commercial rafting has grown up in the country, rafting opportunities are available for both experienced rafters and beginners. As you can see before and after the raft, India has qualified and safe – conscious guides who can teach beginners the joys of the river – rafts. There is no doubt that everyone in Rishikesh can enjoy river cruises.

Whether you are a beginner planning your first Ganga rafting in Rishikesh or an experienced rafting enthusiast returning from an adventure.

Book your stay at Salvus Hotels and explore the Ganges in a way you have never seen before, providing the perfect balance of safety and excitement. Safety instructions and preparation before the raft starts: The most popular rafting route on the river is the Sweet Sixteen, a route that takes you to some exciting rapids in the Ganga. The sweet sixteen are the main rapids you can experience on a rafting trip in and around Rishikesh.

Since the fun, power and excitement of river rafting have taken you almost to the peak, it is advisable to challenge yourself with these types of rapids to be very familiar with the tips and tricks of river rafting tours in Rishikesh. You need to know these before you consider whether you can practice rafts for the first time or take the first step into the water of the Ganges.

Over the years, Rishikesh has attracted many tourists to the river landscape – rafting every year to weather the summer heat and practice adventure sports.

The best time of year to go rafting in Rishikesh is from June to September. Stay in Salvus Hotels, Rishikesh and try some of these by attending one of our monthly yoga teacher training courses every month from the beginning of December to the end of June.

Rafting in Rishikesh can be very difficult during the monsoon season due to the high water levels of the Ganges caused by the rains.

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