A Spellbinding View For Work at Hotel Ishan

Work From Mountains is our initiative to offer an alternative to the Work From Home reality which has set in wake of the new normal in this time of Covid. We are collective of such beautiful Mountain spaces which provides beautiful experiences while living, working and sharing together while maintaining Social distancing, where you could live in as many locations and for as long as you like.

Our Stand Alone Mountain Homes & Cottages in the wilderness and in the Rishikesh, far removed from regular Urban civilization where you can work & relax with the Mountains, the Forest and the Rivers for Company. We offer these Homes & Cottages on a long term basis with a minimum stay of 30 days where we provide the essentials to create a comfortable working environment for you. With working Kitchens and Caretakers to cater for your needs and essentials. We also ensure that there is Internet connectivity through a 4 G connection at least.

We also offer you an opportunity to contribute to the Local Mountain Communities in various capacities. We are soon going to announce our Social Programs for people coming to Work From Mountains.

So get away to the Mountains today as its always better in the Mountains.

HOTEL ISHAN- A RIVERSIDE RETREAT BY SALVUS (Rishikesh) - Hotel Reviews,  Photos, Rate Comparison - Tripadvisor
HOTEL ISHAN- A RIVERSIDE RETREAT BY SALVUS (Rishikesh) - Hotel Reviews,  Photos, Rate Comparison - Tripadvisor
Hotel Tapovan Rishikesh | Hotel in Rishikesh near Laxman jhula

We would offer you a beautiful Mountain Home from where you can enjoy being amidst the Mountains and yet get your Work done. It would be like a Working Vacation where you can Work and Play or simply do nothing and gaze at the Mountains.

All the places would be properly sanitized as per the Guidelines issued by the Authorities in the wake of the Pandemic. We would ensure that there is a Caretaker at the Home to cater to your needs. At most of the places you will have full access to the Kitchen to cook up whatever may catch your fancy. Please note that the facilities and amenities will vary as per the locations.

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