Explore the Savory Vegan Food in Rishikesh

A city quite like none other in the world, Rishikesh, the Yoga capital of the world is also blessed with flavorsome vegan delights.

Vegan food is extremely rich in nutrients which helps glow your skin, boost your immunity and energize your mood.

Start your day with a refreshing breakfast at Salvus hotels– our chain of restaurants, Oasis café, Narayana Palace, Hotel Ishan serve the most flavorful vegan food and is a must have when in Rishikesh.

The wide range of delicacies include Vegan chocolate oats with berries, Musroom and tomato spaghetti raw style, brown vegan bread with chocolate peanut butter, Tofu curry and rice, fresh vegan salad.

Perfect meal plans for each meal of the day!

An energizing morning breakfast, with chickpeas, avocados, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, vegan mayo and red cabbage, this breakfast in Rishikesh is sure to keep your tummy happy enriched with unlimited nutrients.

Food that kicks starts your day in Rishikesh!

Vegan brown bread spread with peanut butter and seasoned with refreshing fresh fruits, apple, berries, kiwis and avocados.

Vegan spaghetti, with marinara sauce, mushrooms and Indian spices. The mouthwatering meal is rich in taste and the spices make it much healthier.

Zoodles with salad ingredients prepared in a fun way.

Baked chocolate vegan brownie with whipped cream and strawberries for the sweet tooth, a great way to end your day with a vegan desert.

Vegan oats with raspberries, chocolate, almond milk and dry fruits, the fulfilling meal boosts your immunity and repairs your tissues.

Try the super interesting meal in Rishikesh, Oasis café .

The world famous, tofu butter masala with Indian bread and rice. Explore the wide range of Indian vegan cousins at Salvus hotels.

Tofu curry with plain rice. Tofu curry is an Indian dish, slightly spicy, great for the winter is made with a blend of onion, garlic and coriander. Delicious is an understatement for this meal.

Try at Narayana Palace!

A vegan diet is one of the healthiest ways to live. Plant-based diets should contain plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Explore the vegan delicacies only at Salvus Hotels!

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