Work From Paradise Each Day : Major Discount on Extended Stay!

Sipping over coffee and looking at the misty mountains while making money. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Surrounded by chirping birds, fresh air and a refreshing pool. A work space that always brings out the creative side of you.

Salvus Hotels, makes this dream of your a reality by offering major discounts on extended stay. Our group of hotels include The Narayana Palace, beautifully destined with trees that oxidizes your soul, Swiss Cottage and Spa, tranquility , peacefulness and a place that gives you enough space to think and have your own time while working, Hotel Ishan, with the view of Ganges and the sound of Ganga Arti in the evenings, Hotel Ishan is a perfect spot to for your creativity to flow while working.

A heaven, that’s what Rishikesh feels like, this touristy place that attracts thousands of foreigners all over the world every year can be your work space. Salvus Hotels believes in giving the youth a space to explore, live and create.

A massive jungle right in front of your eyes, river Ganga flowing with utmost grace.

Working while witnessing this gives you the best of both world, a corporate life as well as a life of a nature lover.

Work with no work stress, blend your life with yoga, music, good food. Enjoy the massive discount offered by Salvus Hotels for an extended stay!

HOTEL ISHAN- A RIVERSIDE RETREAT BY SALVUS (Rishikesh) - Hotel Reviews,  Photos, Rate Comparison - Tripadvisor

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  1. Gabe Mackelmore says:

    Wow! I can imagine setting up my work station while sipping hot coffee in that place! I’ve been travelling a lot and I’ve been staying over at extended stay hotels. It’s really convenient when you have sites like so you can check on the places to stay at before your trip. I suggest you really check on blogs, reviews etc. before going to a place so you can pick the best hotels like this to stay at during your vacations or trips!


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