Pet Policy, Rules & Regulation For Salvus Hotels

Below is the pet policy and other rules & regulations that needs to be followed by any guest to bring your well behaved fur babies at any of the Salvus hotels in Rishikesh. This beow format can be printed out on a A4 sheet or copied for an email draft which needs to be duly signed by the registered pet owner.

Dear Caring Furr Parents 


Salvus Hotels is excited to welcome you and your well-behaved fur babies. As we value the comfort and safety of all our guests, we request that you review and acknowledge the following guidelines with respect to keeping your pet(s) within the hotel. 

1. Only pets belonging to the registered guest are allowed in the property. Guests with pets may only stay in the Executive Room(No View). Pets are not permitted in the other room categories. 

2. The definition of pets applies only to dogs, cats and fish (kept in a confined water receptacle area of not more than 5 liters). Dog breed restrictions apply. Cats are defined as domestic or house cats only. No other animals may be kept in the property. Birds, reptiles, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits and other animals not listed on the first line of this provision are strictly prohibited. 

3. Pet(s) must be declared by the guest prior to check-in / registration. 

4. The guest is required to give a security deposit, equivalent to Inr. 5,000.00 per pet, upon check-in. The room/s will be inspected upon check-out. The security deposit will cover any damages incurred which may include, but are not limited to, stained bedding, stained carpet, stained linen, scratches on the furniture, scratches on the floor, infestation, extra cleaning that may be required and lost revenue charges whilst the room is out of service due to cleaning and repairs. The security deposit will be returned to the registered guest after receipt of clearance that no damage was found and no other extra cleaning efforts were required.

5. The guest agrees to pay the disinfection cleaning fee of Inr.2,000 net if it is not yet part of the room rate or room promotions. Please note that disinfection cleaning fee is one time payment regardless of how long or short your stay is.

6. Pursuant to city government ordinance on Animal Welfare, all dogs and cats must wear collar and ID tags and must always be accompanied by the pet owners in public places. Otherwise, the pet(s) shall be impounded.

7. The guest agrees not to leave any pet(s) unattended. Cats or dogs left unattended, for a period of more than 48 hours, shall be considered abandoned. Subsequently, the registered guest shall be reported to the Rishikesh Animal Welfare Society (pashulok) for alleged violation. The registered guest shall indemnify the Hotel Management for any costs, losses or damages which may result from such action being taken. 

8. All pet vaccinations, especially anti-rabies must be current and valid. Vaccination certificate must be presented to the Front Desk upon check-in. All pets must be clean, well-groomed, and completely free of fleas and ticks. Pets should not be in heat or menstrual period during time of check in. Pets should not have been sick in the last 72 hours. 

9. Only one dog, with a fully-grown weight not exceeding 22 kg (50 lbs.) and a maximum height of 60 centimeters (2 ft.), is permitted per room. A maximum of two cats or two lap dogs are permitted per room. A combination of one dog and one cat, per room, may be permitted by the Hotel Management after confirmation of the size and weight of the pets.

10. Pets are strictly prohibited in the following common and recreational areas within the hotel; such as restaurant, Function rooms, swimming pool, activity room, spa and back-of-the-house areas. Guests may only dine with their pets at the Dining, pool deck area or pool side bar. Guests may bring pets to the lobby. Pets must wear diapers while in public areas. Pets should be in their crate or fence when left alone in the room. 

11. Pet owners shall only use the entry and exit points for the pets as specified by the Hotel Management. Guests with their fur babies are only allowed to stay in designated pet friendly rooms. Animals should be restrained (on a leash or in a carrier) at all times within the public areas. 

12. All equipment required for the upkeep and feeding of pets are to be provided by the guest. Under no circumstances will any equipment within the property be used for animal use which includes feeding bowls, etc. Failure to abide by this will result in replacement costs, which will be charged to the guest. 

13. The guest must clean up after their pet(s) and dispose of any waste in secured disposable bags. At all times, the guest shall maintain and keep the property in good and sanitary condition. The guest must also keep their pet’s “relief” outings to a designated trash bin to be provided by the hotel. 

14. Pets are not allowed to use the bathtub and must ensure that they will not be able to get out from the veranda.

​15. Pet owners should provide the ff: 

• Vaccination record 

• Pet’s food and vitamins 

• Pet’s food and water bowls 

• Pet’s bed 

• Pet’s fence / crate / stroller / carrier 

• Pet’s jumper or basket 

• Pet’s toys 

• Disposable bag 

• Pee pad 

• Diapers 

• Scratch pole for cats 

16. The Hotel Management and its employees shall not be liable for any loss, injuries or illness of any pet for any reason whatsoever, unless caused by negligence or willful misfeasance. 

17. Pet owners will be required to promptly address any complaints made by fellow guests regarding noise or any other such disturbance that may be caused by the pet(s). In the event that any pet becomes overly disruptive or in any way aggressive towards other guests or employees, the pet must be removed from the property. 

18. In the event that any pet is considered dangerous by the Hotel Management, it shall immediately be removed from the hotel by the guest. 

19. The guest is required to remove their pet from the room during any Housekeeping service. The guest may call the Housekeeping Department to arrange a convenient time to provide make up room. If any Housekeeping service is not required, the guest may activate the privacy sign in the room. 

20. Any damage caused by the pet(s) shall be charged to the registered guest and must be paid immediately upon presentation of an invoice. 

21. The guest shall strictly comply with the Pet Agreement and other rules and regulations which may be issued by Hotel Management. In the event that the guest is unable to comply with the provisions stated on the Pet Agreement, the Hotel Management reserves the right to terminate the agreement and ask the former to leave the hotel.​

​22. The guest accepts full responsibility for any and all liability, claims, losses, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) for personal injury or property damage that may result from the pet(s). The guest agrees to make any reimbursement for such damages on demand. 

23. Pet owners agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Hotel Management, its owners, and employees from any and all liability, claims, losses, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) arising out of or relating to any claim for personal injury or property damage caused by the pet(s). The Hotel Management reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. 

I have fully understood and I agree with the Salvus Hotel Pet Policy. 

Conforme: ___________________ 

Name of Pet: _______________ (Signature over printed name) 

Room Number: ________________ 

Date: ________________________ 

Stay Dates: ___________________ 

Photo of pet (not required for fish)​

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