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Balancing all your five elements can make your life calmer and help in having an emotional stability.

Spa at Swiss Cottage is truly holistic in every sense, it is a treat for the entire body and face. Shea butter is used which is nature’s finest skin food so lavish your skin will heal and rejuvenate properties. Transformed skin is just one of the benefits, the relaxed body and sweet smells will go a long way. It isn’t just for the narcissist either, it is ideal for the hyperactive mind for whom stress is a necessary evil.

A massage that harmonises the body, mind and spirit, Healing therapies here enhances circulation; activates the lymphatic system of the body, and helps to purify it. The therapist uses both hands and feet to apply pressure to the vital points of the body.

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At Swiss Cottage and Spa, this treatment uses a special herb infusion of ayurvedic oils that also helps to relax the body.

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he treatment aims to restore the nervous system and stimulate a free flow of energy within the body, eliminate stress and tension, insomnia, depression, nerve system dysfunctions and bring balance to the internal elements of the body.

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With the many different therapies and treatments to consider, we’ve added a collection of wellness retreats that will assist you in choosing the right holistic healing therapy for you. Whether you’re new to alternative therapies or an experienced holistic healing patient, there are many fantastic options for you to regain your optimal health and restore your well being.

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