Turn It Up: Best Live Music at Salvus Hotels

If music runs through your veins like wildfire, a good weekend out most probably includes a wide selection of tunes – local acts, spinning vinyls, soulful vocals and live bands with wicked horn sections that make you dance like everyone’s watching. Here in the Swiss Cottage, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to live music – venues are jam-packed with jazz, acoustic, rock, the danceable, the cocktail-sipping listen-able and the late-night sing-along-able (yeah, you – we saw you at Sing Song Karaoke…). So, while you’re in town, put on your dancing shoes and loosen up those vocal chords. Salvus Hotels is the best place for all your musical cravings.

After a long, easy day relaxing on beautiful Ganges beaches, you might want to amp things up for the night. Sitting down for a delicious dinner and a tropical drink is a good start, but what about adding some awesome live music to the picture? If you are spending your time in Rishikesh, then you’re in luck. . Here is your chance to sample some local talent and maybe even enjoy a big surprise. Salvus Hotels have been known to put on a surprise show or two.

Live music and open jams are purely living in the moment. Many say that’s an important way to live life but it is hard to do generally. At a concert though it is purely in the moment. And when it is over there is no way to recapture it. Not the power of it or the emotions. We remember parts we loved, can talk about various parts or songs we really loved but that doesn’t really bring back the actual moment.

Music has always been a group experience and it bonds people in many ways. To share a performance by musicians who you enjoy deeply connects everyone there to each other and perhaps more importantly to the musicians also. We are sharing their joy of playing and their musical proficiency in a way that’s impossible in any other situation.

While the new Live Music Experience is intended to enhance the resort with subtle, but soulful, solo performances. there will be occasions where all musicians come together for a concert or jam session.

The musicians will also be made available to those planning special events and weddings; you could hire a musician for a romantic dinner, or have them play a song as you walk down the aisle. Live music is here to stay at Salvus Hotels, we believe that this will only improve the resort and experience for all guests.

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