A Dreamy Destination Wedding in Rishikesh!

Crystal blue waters, white-sand beaches, or breathtaking lush green views – plan your getaway to your dream wedding with Salvus Hotels.

Planning a destination wedding in an exotic location is indeed dreamy- but it requires a little more planning than simply booking airline tickets and hotels! Whether you are organizing a destination wedding, or attending one, we are here to help you with smart services and little hacks that will promise a smooth and fun experience!

Not all of us are lucky enough to get a forest wedding venue – with birds chirping on one side and the the river flowing on the other, a cozy ‘just-us’ environment in the middle of lush greens to celebrate the most important day of your life!

When planning a destination wedding, you’ll want to consult the pros. An expert wedding planner can help choose the location, the venue, and navigate the ins and outs of working in a foreign country. Many will also source the best local teams to aid on the ground if they aren’t based in your chosen destination; the goal? To create an event that has a sense of place, and just as many personal touches as it would if you were to wed in your hometown.

Regardless of where you have your sights set for your upcoming destination wedding, be sure to check for safety and travel bans before asking friends and family to travel across the world. Always work with your planner to contact embassies in advance (if needed) to check for various passport or health regulations, and make sure to incorporate local elements into your planning, design, and décor to make the experience authentic for your guests.

With Salvus Hotels, you experience utmost bliss at your wedding day!

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    Can I have destination wedding function for 2 days for 100 people under 7lacs


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