Pool Party Ideas To Make Your Wedding More Fun!

If you’re having a summer destination wedding, a pool party has got to feature on your wedding itinerary. Not only is it super duper fun and makes for some amazing photos- take one look below and you’d know! So that’s why a pool party is highly recommended, and we have some great ideas on how to make it even more fun for you and your guests!

Pool Party at The Narayana Palace in Rishikesh
  • Get some “floaties“. Floaties at pool parties are always a fab idea, and these days you get such cool ones that look like super fun in photographs too.
  • Don’t forget them for the drinks too! Floaties for the drinks are also a great idea- guests can take their drinks to the pool without any hassle.
  • Offer some Insta-worthy cocktails. Talking about drinks, how about you have some fun concoctions which look interesting as well?
  • Organise some fun games. They are always a great idea at pool parties, and beer pong is one of our faves!
  • A ‘Pool Party’ Photo-booth is a fab idea! This is fun decor that’s also reusable for the planners, so you don’t really have to get it customized.
  • As is your wedding hashtag ! If you do want to get it customized, then getting your wedding hashtag done is a nice idea too- you can use it across events.
  • Make everyone coordinate their outfits. This is an amazing idea if you want the photos to stand out!
  • Or give out customized tees to everyone! This is a great idea if you don’t want the guests to wet their clothes- just get some customized tees printed for everyone!
  • Give some nautical theme favours. Nautical theme always works well for pool parties- be it the decor or the favours. If its a summer wedding, consider getting canopies erected- so guests can take a step back whenever they want.
  • Something for the guests to sit back and relax! If you want to go the extra mile, then how about arranging some relaxing activities for the guests too?

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