Wedding In Rishikesh by the Ganges Post Lockdown 2020

A wedding is consistently a chance to celebrate and appreciate. A few people pick picturesque locations like Rishikesh for marriages to make the most exceptional occasion in their life significantly more astounding. Being a host for a marriage at an exotic location is fun just as an impressive obligation on our shoulders. Our team recently got an opportunity to have the wedding of a stunning couple from New Delhi, the place that is known for cultural diversity. The experience was exceptional to such an extent that it is worth sharing.

We knew nothing about Rajasthani culture or custom until the customers moved toward us and passed on their necessities. They were Rajput’s from Rajasthan, India. who were living in New Delhi. All their relatives were coming from different parts of India and all this in the lockdown period when government was changing covid guidelines every few days! In any case, it was incredible amusing to tune in to!

What they needed was not just a place to host their wedding, but complete support with the wedding planning and execution. It was the first destination wedding in their family, something which was very new to the Indian society and that too when they were already stressed due covid restrictions. We were hesitant in the beginning due to unclear governments policies like mandatory covid report from guest arriving from different states. But our team decided to accept the challenge and go ahead. The result was so amazing that the client gave us a heart-warming feedback. It was a great chance after so long time. So here is our Indian wedding story!

Indian destination weddings in Rishikesh- A combo of tradition and modernity, weddings in India are a combination of traditional as well as modern elements. The pre-wedding and post-wedding events are mostly modern and greatly influenced by western culture. The actual wedding ceremony is more like a sacred event and is done in the traditional style on the bank of Ganges.

Pre-wedding gala

Pre-wedding celebration consisted of a grand bachelor and bachelorette party which was organized by us. They were real festivals with music, dance, wine and exquisite food. The guests were so energetic, and they love dancing to their minds content. Any music with loud beats is fine for them, and they would rock it totally! The costumes worn by the bride, groom and their friends during the parties were mostly modern party wears but with an Indian touch.

Getting ready!

Indian, particularly the ones from the western part of the nation would not settle on their customs at any cost, that too with regards to a regarded occasion, specially, a wedding. The outfits for the sangeet function were all around planned. The groom wore an ideal dark hued suit. The ensembles were fundamentally the same as those well used in western weddings.

The bride was so peculiar about her looks during the events so that she wanted someone from her own hometown to deal with her wedding makeover. She had the entire wedding makeup done by professional bridal makeup artist. Both the bride and the groom looked extremely stunning in their wedding day appearance. The bridesmaids were dressed in beautifully colored sarees. Saree is a traditional Indian wear which enhances the beauty of women. The groomsmen were dressed up in neat suits.

The whole wedding venue appeared so beautiful with vibrantly colored sarees and other Indian wears; a diversity which represents our country.

Tying the knot!

Here comes the main ceremony! It was arranged on the riverside beach close to us. Before the wedding started, a few girls from the groom’s side came to the venue carrying decorated trays. One of the trays contained the wedding saree, the wedding necklace and the wedding rings. Other trays were filled with Indian sweets, nuts, etc.

The wedding rituals were done by the temple priest. A priest who was familiar with Indian wedding was arranged. Rishikesh being worldwide famous for spirituality and yoga is also a favorite spot for destination weddings, our city Rishikesh has no scarcity for religious officials who are well versed in the religious services. So, arranging such a priest was not a big deal for us.

The grandiose reception

Just like the pre-wedding parties, the reception was also fully festive ones with a lot of dance and music. There was also a grand cake cutting arranged. Almost all the family members took part in the fun irrespective of their ages. The food was exquisite including various cuisines. Traditional Indian dishes were arranged by us upon their special request.

The entire experience was a journey to an incognizant territory for us! But the journey was fun and enriched with unique experiences. An Indian wedding which we can proudly boast of and mark in golden letters in our memoir!

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