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Did you know a destination wedding can cost less than half as much as a traditional at-home celebration? And that’s not the only pro to jetting off for your nuptials. Learn more about how we can help create your amazing, customized experience and send you home with countless, unique memories (and photos!) that will last a lifetime.

Why Have a Destination Wedding?

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For the couple who is torn between a destination wedding and the usual hometown affair, it can be challenging to decide which path is “the one” to take. More than likely, you are weighing your own wedding wishes (and needs) with those of your guests. You may also be weighing the benefits.

There are several advantages to tying the knot far from home. Below is a list of reasons why so many couples prefer to host a destination wedding abroad. Be warned: After reading this list, you may find yourself wondering, why NOT?

Cut Cost

Destination weddings typically cost just a fraction of the average traditional Indian wedding at home. Couples can FLY over to Rishikesh, say their vows in the sand, and enjoy an unforgettable evening of dancing and romance typically for under Rs.5,00,000. This cost covers the basic wedding package (both ceremony and reception), the couple’s flight and hotel stay for his relatives, as well as extended accommodations for the honeymoon.

Meanwhile, a standard, hometown wedding averages more than Rs.15,00,000 (and much more in major cities), which does not include the added cost of a honeymoon. With Destination Weddings’ couples spending less than Rs.5,00,000 on their total wedding experience, it’s easy to see why more people are choosing to get married in Rishikesh.

Less Stress

Think about some of the scenes in your favorite wedding movies. From the overwhelmed “Shahid Kapoor” in ShaanDaar to Salman Khan’s breakdown in Hum Aapke hai Kon, there is a common theme that makes these moments so funny, and also so very real – the stress of wedding planning!

Destination weddings, however, are a bit different in the planning department. Usually, the guest list is smaller and the majority of the details are handled by an expert. You will have a Destination Wedding Specialist, who is there to help you select your dream wedding venue and choose the right wedding package for your needs. Often, destination wedding packages are all-inclusive, which can lessen planning stress even more. Your Specialist will also be your travel agent, arranging flights and accommodations for both you and your guests.

After choosing a wedding resort, you will also be matched with an onsite coordinator to help iron out the remaining details of your big day – set up, décor, timeline, and more. Most of the time, the wedding couple plans and customizes a few special details, packs their bags, and takes off to enjoy the most memorable voyage of their lives.

The Chance of a Lifetime

Many couples go big for their “big day” because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The same mindset can – and should! – be applied to a destination wedding. Why not make the most of this moment and start your love story in an exotic, romantic destination? Your loved ones will also enjoy this experience, providing even the least adventurous relative a great excuse for an amazing trip. Many choose to have a destination wedding for the unique and unforgettable experiences they offer (for both couples and guests alike!).

Destination weddings are one-of-a-kind adventures, which makes them perfect for that second chance at marriage, as well. For couples who have had the large-scale, at-home wedding already, a destination wedding offers a more intimate and unparalleled way to tie the knot a second time. They are also fun and affordable celebrations (and family-friendly, too!).

What Can a Destination Wedding Mean for You?

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Now that you know what ‘destination wedding’ means, it’s important to ask yourself what a destination wedding might mean to you, specifically. Will it mean an intimate and romantic escape? Or perhaps a memorable experience for the entire family? Destination wedding packages are all unique, and can be customized based on your wants and needs.

A destination wedding often means peace of mind, simplicity, savings, and romantic luxuries. With the help of a Destination Wedding Specialist (you can work with ours for free), destination brides and grooms get to do something that not many couples can: Enjoy their engagement and wedding! And once those vows are said, remember, the honeymoon starts right away! This is just the start of your incredible destination wedding journey – and there are so many reasons to jump in and start packing. If you’d like to take the next step in planning your dream destination wedding, get started here.

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A world of choice for your dream celebration

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Sometimes half the fun of planning a romantic (and fun!) getaway is exploring the endless possibilities. From the fresh breezes coming out of the Himalaya to mighty Ganges, discover our most popular wedding destination in Rishikesh that are sure to create romantic memories of a lifetime. Wherever you wish to celebrate, we have the best destination wedding locations.

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